Womens Satchels

A satchel can be defined as a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap and typically closed by a flap. Womens Satchels have become the handbags of choice amongst young consumers. Being a satchel or any handbag for that matter can’t be easy.  Getting set down, tripped over, stepped on, dropped, spilt on and stuffed to the brim all in the life of a handbag. Nowadays, satchels for women are known for their durability and versatility.  You can see why when you view our collection of genuine leather satchel handbags.  Beautiful yet rugged exteriors that stand up to well, you. Find your look.  A leather satchel with tassels or maybe one of our good old fashioned canvas handbags with a few handbag ornaments. Purchase any of our satchels for women and we will donate 2% of each sale to Breast Cancer Research. Not only will you look great but you will feel great by helping us find the cure.