Travel Handbags

Women account for 47% of all business travel and 64.4 percent of women in the USA are breadwinners, according to surveys conducted in 2016. So, if we do the math 34.4 percent of women are stay at home mothers or they are reliant on some form of social services. That means that women in essence are doing most of the business travel when you factor in that 64.4% of women account for almost half of all travel. Lest we forget, a stay at home mom is always on the go and that is a job and a half. If you are a woman on the go, we can help you find the right handbag. Purchase any of our female backpacks, weekender bags for women, cool diaper bags, Beach bags, large beach bags, cheap beach bags or  cute beach bags and we will donate 2% of each sale towards Breast Cancer Research.