Casual Handbags

One of the biggest dilemmas a woman faces in the morning is do I need a big handbag or small handbag today? Some women put a small handbag in their large handbag so they are always prepared. Next, a woman must ensure that their handbag of choice matches their ensemble.  Black goes with everything.  Other popular colors that can easily match your outfits, according to the fashion experts are green, metallic, tan, and teal. Wait, if you want to stand out, and have heads turn pick one of our cute handbags or decorative handbags and add a few handbag ornaments.  You could also go with a less neutral color that can still be matched like coral, lavender, pink or ochre clay. A canvas handbag is as casual as it gets but even the latest canvas handbags offer that cute look or a statement that you are as casual as your handbag and you don’t care what anyone thinks about that. Leave your fancy bag at home as no rational woman puts food in a designer handbag or a diaper in a designer handbag. Purchase any of our casual handbags and we will donate 2% of each sale to Breast Cancer Research. Not only will you look great but you will feel great by helping us find the cure